Youth pastors and volunteers serve the youth because they love them and answer the call to meet a tangible need in their churches to invest in the next generation.  However, many youth workers tend to be younger and inexperienced and also unsure how best to train and prepare their team of ministry volunteers and staff under their care.  Whether it's for one church with a sizable ministry team or for a group of leaders in a region, ARISE desires to serve this need in local church youth ministry by offering training in the following areas:

  • Spiritual Formation of Leaders and Teams
  • Gospel Theology
  • Korean-American Youth Culture
  • Gospel-Centered Counseling
  • Boys & Girls Specifics
  • Communicating the Gospel
  • Small Group Dynamics & Leadership


"I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Gordon College and Gordon-Conwell from 2002-2010, and that's where God allowed me to meet Sage and the ARISE staff.  Like many young seminarians, I had the heart but had limited experience in youth ministry.  I started to mimic what other ministries did without fully understanding the heart behind it.  I was preaching to a lost sheep, but in reality, I was a lost sheep.  I did not know where I was going with the students.  Consequently, in preaching, counseling and leadership, I went to the weapon of many young seminarian's choice: trial and error.

What Sage and other great ARISE leaders did for me is to gently mentor me through their wealth of experiences in Korean-American youth ministry.  They shared resources, wisdom from the past, the current spiritual and cultural state of New England Korean-American churches and youths and the ways in which Gospel-Centered Ministry ought to look like.  I still remember and miss the days when Sage prayed for me every time I visited her office.  She listened to my frustrations in ministry and became a counselor, mentor and friend.

Sage brought all of this to our youth workers training retreat.  As she teared up talking about the brokenness of Korean-American youths and stayed hopeful talking about the power of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit, all of our teachers and pastors responded with deeper passion to invest in the younger generation and to see the all-sufficiency of the Gospel.  She counseled our teachers and prayed for them even during our free time, showing us that she came to serve, not to be served.

ARISE Youth Ministries is so precious to New England.  It is not an event, conference or retreat driven ministry.  This ministry exists to bless local churches and work with them to bring about a generation anchored in our Lord, Christ Jesus.  ARISE trains and equips youth pastors to the path of Gospel-Centered Ministry, where Jesus is the beginning and the end.  He is our shield, redeemer and comforter.  He is the solution to this broken world.  ARISE also encourages youth pastors to stay humble and work together for the sake of His Kingdom.

Thank you ARISE Youth Ministries, especially Sage, for we know that you do not work to make your ministry known but Christ known.  We thank you for having a vision for New England, one of the most difficult places to do ministry.  We love your steadfastness to Him and His people.  Thank you for staying faithful.  May Christ continue to receive all glory through this ministry."

-  Rev. David Kim, High School Pastor
Korean Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, San Jose, CA