Dear Friends,

Thank you for considering supporting ARISE Youth Ministries in our on-going service to youth, youth workers and local churches in New England.  Since our start in 1994, we have come to learn that to impact the youth, we have to strategically look at the big picture in order to raise generations of men and women alive in Christ and living for His glory.

We have been a ministry run by seminary students and youth pastors as part-time volunteers for nearly 25 years, which is a pure miracle given the transient nature of Boston!  It’s all been by God’s grace and favor.  And by that same grace and favor, we are excited to step into a new season of becoming better equipped to better serve.  We’re taking a big step of faith and have added dedicated staff to our ministry to do more than the status quo and participate in pioneering renewal and reform in youth ministry in the Korean church in New England.

We must prayerfully invest in ministry instead of just doing ministry in order to cultivate vitality and maturity for the long run.  We invest in ministry when we invest in the right people.  However, many great people with a passion to serve the youth have come and gone from this area because life is unsustainable on the traditional part-time Korean church youth worker’s salary.  Through your prayer and generosity, ARISE can help!

ARISE can invest in full-time devoted workers and interns, in their lives and ministries.  We can partner with churches and help nurture, support and mentor them as pastors and allow them the means to stay in New England to continue to serve the youth in Korean churches here.  Churches and youth ministries then can become more vibrant and seasoned, and the youth grow up being better loved and discipled to go on to college campuses and adult life solid in their love for the Lord and equipped to serve in Jesus’ name.

In addition, we continue to serve the youth directly in all the ways we have been and more!

Please consider joining us through your prayers and financial support.

With grateful hearts,

The ARISE Staff


How You Can Pray

Please pray with us for these things we have been praying for nearly 25 years:

  • For the youth:  That, in their youth, they would hear the Gospel and understand all that Jesus Christ has accomplished for them by His love and grace.  That their lives would flourish with freedom, joy, holiness and identity in Christ.  That they would use all their gifts and privileges to live as children of God, whose citizenship is in heaven, and serve our world for God’s glory.
  • For youth workers:  For more to hear and respond to God’s call to serve the youth in New England.  For repentance and freedom from fear and pride. For adequate care and mentoring of young leaders by senior leaders within the church.  For humble lives of prayer, teachability and joy … to deny self, count cost, carry cross and follow Jesus in loving and serving the Church, His bride.
  • For parents and families:  Parents to be growing in Gospel depth, maturity and love for Jesus.  For healthy, Christ-centered marriages. For the home and relationships between parents and children to be the primary place of vulnerability, grace and Christian discipleship.  For parents to enjoy more quality time and quality conversations with children.
  • For Korean church leaders:  Gratitude for their sacrificial service and faithfulness in a difficult place like New England and for their legacy of faith and prayer. For God’s grace and presence in the pastors’ private lives, marriages and families. For eyes to see the brokenness and legalism of our own culture, families and churches.  That God would continue to humble, teach, heal and fill them with the power of the Gospel through the Holy Spirit.  For encouragement, unity and spirit of sharing and collaboration because of the hope we have in Christ.