July 28                                 Saturday, 9am-4pm (ASLs must attend)
July 29                                   Staff Hang Out, 4pm-7pm
July 30 - Aug 2                   Monday-Thursday, 7pm-10pm


St. John's KUMC
2600 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington, MA

Required Reading

How People Change by Lane & Tripp
Required chapters to be completed by the end of ACTS: 1, 2, 6-14. Irrespective of counselor training though, this is just a really good book to read. We recommend reading before ACTS begins because the two weeks of training can feel very full.


The Training

All accepted counselors, ARISE Student Leaders (ASLs) and ARISE staff will gather for two weeks of mandatory training.

We come from everywhere ... from all types of walks, spiritual journeys and what we think we know ... from working lives, student lives, summers off ... So, when we get together, we're bringing all our stories to one place and being the people of God. Praying, worshiping, listening, repenting, healing, forgiving, trusting, learning the Gospel, applying the Gospel, studying theology, understanding youth, sharing, fasting, fellowshiping ... becoming one, becoming deep, becoming authentic, becoming sons and daughters and brothers and sisters. Spiritually formed to serve.

There will be some teaching, small group time, devotions, worship, prayer and fellowship time. We will also learn about and participate in a fasting and prayer chain leading up to the retreat. There will be a quiz on the reading as an encouragement to do it. (You know we all need some encouragement!) And on the last night, the whole thing concludes, but only really begins, with a feast ... possibly the most amazing potluck you will ever partake in ... a picture of heaven! It's a feast we are setting out together to invite the youth to come and eat!

The purpose of the counselor is to live and share his Gospel-fueled life with the students, and to serve, making the most of every opportunity to love and pursue them with the message of the hope we have in Christ.

It's not about doing some serving for God. It's not about role modeling for a week. It's not just about the retreat. It's about being ... being who you are in Christ with the students, and as you live life alongside and among them for years to come. You're becoming one body.

Goals for ACTS

  • Understand the Gospel and what it means for life.
  • Grow an abiding attitude of repentance and surrender because of God's grace and the hope we have in Christ.
  • Be at peace in right relationship with God and with others.
  • Understand and receive a bigger vision for what God is doing in New England
  • Develop a deepening burden and love for the youth and the churches in New England.
  • Prepare to minister in a Gospel-centered, Christ-honoring, grace-filled way.
  • Grow practical skills, unity and friendship necessary for effective team ministry.
  • Trust and rely on the Holy Spirit.