Many people who come to Boston from elsewhere don’t realize there’s a great need for youth workers and older brothers and sisters in the Korean churches in the Boston area because they no longer have English-speaking college and young adult ministries. Many youth are without a shepherd and older people to live and share Christ with them.

ARISE Youth Ministries--serving the youth, youth workers and Korean churches in New England--brings these students together with older brothers and sisters, teachers and pastors they wouldn’t otherwise meet. It's an opportunity to hear and process the gospel of grace in Christ and build life-long relationships through discipleship and friendship.

Most Christians come to know Jesus before college.

How about you?

Would you consider serving as a small group counselor?

You just need to love Jesus and want to share Him with the kids.


The ARISE Summer Retreat is built on a small group discipleship model. This is important and necessary as many of the youth come from settings where they have no interaction with older Christian brothers and sisters throughout the year, nor do they have someone spiritually nurturing and pouring into their lives. Counselors (small group leaders) and their groups do everything together throughout the retreat—eat, sleep, play, stand and worship, sit and discuss, walk to sessions ... everything. Like Jesus did with his disciples ... except when he went away to pray, which counselors do, too.

The purpose of the counselor is to live and share his/her gospel-fueled life with the students, and to serve, making the most of every opportunity to love and pursue them with the message of the hope we have in Christ.

It's not about doing some serving for God. It's not about role modeling for a week. It's not just about the retreat. It's about being ... being who you are in Christ with the students, and as you live life alongside and among them for years to come. You're becoming one body.

You may be wondering, then, what in the world we spend the days in ACTS (ARISE Counselor Training Sessions) doing together. We're working on the being. Praying, worshiping, listening, repenting, healing, forgiving, trusting, learning the gospel, applying the gospel, studying theology, understanding youth, sharing, fasting, fellowshipping ... becoming one, becoming deep, becoming authentic, becoming sons and daughters and brothers and sisters. Spiritually formed to serve.

Therefore, for counselors, we're looking for people who know they are sinners saved by sheer grace. We're looking for humble, teachable people ... of all shapes and sizes and personalities and gifts and quirks ... who are walking with the Lord. Everything else to prepare, we do together and receive together at ACTS.

Be encouraged and stretched to serve in challenging, God-experiencing ways. Hear Him more clearly. Be a part of what God is doing in New England. Build life-long friendships. Become a part of the ARISE family.

Please prayerfully consider and if you have questions, feel free to contact Grace at


Application Deadline

June 15th, 2018

Counselor Application

Click here to download the counselor application. As personal information is requested, for security purposes, the application is in the form of a Word file that you must complete, save and send as an email attachment to

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