“Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve”

What does it mean to be faithful to Christ in my career?  What does it mean to be a Daniel?  As a young adult it seems that such questions are remote and have little place in your life.  Yet a slight change in the question, renders it quite timely.  “What does it mean to choose to serve the Lord in whatever I do” is the better question.  The reality is that as a young adult you face this challenge now, long before you ever enter into a “career”.  Apostle Paul urges all of us to do everything to the glory of God.

Yet it is always wise to ask the hard questions before you find yourself in the thick of things.  In a few short years you will be making choices about careers and jobs.  So now is the time to ask “what does it mean to be a Christian lawyer, nurse, teacher, engineer, musician, doctor, architect, CPA, scientist, etc.?”  Whatever else it might mean, faithfulness to the Lord means making difficult choices about whom you will serve.  God wants us to choose His ways in everything that we do.  Easy to say but not so easy to do.  In this seminar, Herman will share how the Lord challenged him and other Christians to choose the Lord’s way.  Although the vignettes come from a judicial context, the lessons are universally applicable to all Christians.  Discussion will focus on the cost of discipleship as well as God’s exceedingly enormous grace—that it is only by the power of God through the Holy Spirit that any of us can choose His way.


“Where Is God In the Midst of Pain?”

We hear that God is a loving God and that He desires all good things for His people. What does that really mean in the context of a dysfunctional family, a deeply painful experience, or hurtful relationships? Is God truly for us when the world feels against us? We all experience hardship, pain, and rejection in life and even by others who are closest to us. Perhaps things don’t get any easier when we become disciples of Christ. Perhaps God allows certain circumstances to take place because it may draw us nearer to Him. Not all pain leads us to God , but in this talk we will hear about how one person’s pain lead her to do the ministry of loving those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol, are homeless, and battle severe mental illnesses in honor of Christ.


“Do You Love Me? Feed My Sheep.”

Why should we care for others? We all know the golden rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated. However, God calls us to more than decency and good behavior; he calls us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Many times we are deceived to think that it’s enough to be nice people and love God without loving and serving the world; Helping others is nice, but if I’m honest, my own success and comfort sounds better. What motivates us to stop living for ourselves and serve others? And for some of us, how do we follow God when we have the heart to serve, but are uncertain about our calling? Confessions of someone who is still figuring it all out; In this seminar, Tara will share about how her love for kids and passion for adoption lead her to the field of social work, her ongoing journey following God in uncertainty, and why she has chosen a career in loving God’s children.






What students are saying about ONE seminars:

“The seminars helped me connect God with my daily life whether it be school or society.”

“They gave me new perspective about life outside of what I know and what I can do to carry out God’s word.”

“They encouraged me and gave me vision.”

“… inspired me to help people in the future. Not to live a life where I take care of myself and my own health. But to help others who aren’t as fortunate as I am.”

“Helped me to further think about how to use my present and future to show the love of God.”

“… we should not help others because we think we are above and more privileged than others—but help because we love them.”

“I learned that every success also comes with failure.”

“It gave me a new perspective on life, with the Lord and His plans for me.”

“These days I want to be  a pastor (JDSN).  I want to be there for people who are hurt and I want to teach them.  I want God to heal their hurts through me. I want everyone to be love.”

“Showed how God works through real people and how He can affect us and what we can do.”

“Going into college soon, I was really challenged by the seminars to be passionate about God’s work. I’m interested in art.”

“I want to serve God through music.”

“We were able to listen to older brothers and sisters about their experiences and learn. … they’ve gone through what I’m going through so it is encouraging.”

“The seminars helped me get a better look at the working life as a Christian. They gave me a view of being able to serve God in ways outside the church at other jobs.”

“I think my perspective on others totally changed …”

“They really encouraged me to do more with what God has called me to do and to see other places in the world differently.”

“I got to learn about how God has worked in other people’s lives and my faith grew upon that.”