All teams will participate on a "regular season" of round robin games from which they will be ranked in their positions in the playoff bracket.

Players call their own fouls in the first round. Refs have the right to overturn calls. Refer to the complete tournament rules.

Be sure to bring snacks to eat during breaks! To be respectful of everyone's time, tournament play begins whether or not all teams have arrived. If your team arrives after the first game has commenced, you forfeit that game and cannot make it up. This keeps the pre-made team brackets working properly.

NO FOOD ON COURTS. Food can be kept in cafe area right outside the courts. Drinks ok on courts.

Community Knock-Out Game

Any and all are welcome to participate this classic contest of speed and finesse.  Teams will be divided among 6 courts. The winner from those games will meet together on the center court and give their all for the title of "ARISE Knock-out Champion".

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