2013 ONE Conference - ARISE's 16th Annual

Pastor Danny Yoon's Sermon Excerpts



Why I Joined a Startup Company to Glorify God - Hoin Choi

This seminar answers the fundamental question "What am I here to do?" by introducing the purpose of God for human beings and missions. Through the sharing of personal testimony of the speaker as well as testimonies of others, it discusses innovative careers and organizations that are serving the needy. To support any further interests of the audience, useful resources and advice will be provided.

LiNK (Liberty in North Korea) - John Park

North Korea ... a country known to be the most isolated country in the world, chronically riddled with food and fuel shortages, and deemed to have the worst human rights record, which the UN has labeled it as--in a category of its own. This seminar will cover the harrowing human rights abuse occurring in North Korea today, the difficult hurdles North Korean refugees face while hiding in China, and LiNK's  purpose, work, and success in addressing these issues. Lastly, the seminar will discuss the persecution of the Christian faith in the country, feature the testimonies of refugees that LiNK has rescued and resettled, and how the youth can get involved.

A Passion for Inner City Youth - Tina Kim

Have you ever wondered how your life would be like growing up in the city? How life would be like if every person around you were a person of color. Growing up in the suburbs, I never imagined that I would have a passion for the inner city youth. This seminar will touch upon the different issues an inner city youth may go through and how God can use, practically anyone to serve this population.

Success Through Failure - Cullen Buie

Perfect attendance. Straight A's. Genius. That's what it takes to be a professor at MIT, right? Wrong! Try doubt, submission, and faith. In this seminar we will discuss common conceptions of success and compare them with the Bible's definition of success. Through personal stories and interactive discussions we'll explore how to re-narrate our professional and academic aspirations while serving Christ.




Blessings ...
“Thank you for helping me get closer to God and His word. It was truly a life changing experience.”
“We were brought from death to life. We are raised in Christ and grow in Christ. We are called to do good works. Christ is our hope, principle and reason to live.”
“I finally realize that God’s calling is about LOVE. I need to start loving my neighbors again. I love them, but I must love them as I love myself! The true love of Jesus is so amazing.”
“He made me think about my parents and how hard they work for me … God is the Living God and he does care for ME.”
“God has been transforming my heart so I would forgive my enemies.”
“The prayer times got me talking deeply with God.”
“God made my heart soar at the ONE Conference, I guess you could say!”
“I learned how much his love is expressed in our lives. I’ve learned what being a Christian means at its core, in our hearts, not only on the outside."
“I saw a glimpse of my future calling here.”
“Calling is an act of love driven by the greatest sacrifice of God’s own son.”
“I realized what it feels like to be loved by others through Christ.”
“Although I had already known how much Jesus has done for us, it really has been emphasized to what unimaginable extent God has sacrificed for us. There is nothing that can compare to God’s love and I wish to love others in return.”
“I finally understand Jesus’ love and it feels great. I just want to share it with other people. I feel like a true Christian now.”
“It’s not about running from sin; it’s about following, loving, praising, worshiping, thanking Jesus.”
“I have learned that whatever we did bad or good, all sins we have committed are cleansed from Jesus’ death on the cross. Nothing compares to what He did for us.”
“God revealed to me how much I need to grow in my understanding of God’s love. I learned that I no longer need to struggle to run away from sin and try to look good in God’s eyes, but I am called to run toward God’s faithfulness and everlasting love for me as I love Him and the sisters and brothers around me, who Jesus has died for.”
About Church and Youth Group ...
“What I experience and learned through ONE Conference is how precious your youth group is. I never realized how important of family members they are to me and I wouldn’t trade anything for them.”
“I learned about the power of love and the power of grace … the importance of church and bonding with my youth group.”
“I learned about how much God truly loves us. The fact that we were enemies of the Lord, yet He still loves us. This just encourages me to love the people in my youth group and people in my school that I may feel are enemies.”
About Unity ...
“I was free. I was unashamed. I found joy in just praising His name as one body.”
“I learned that we should be so united that if one person were to suffer, we should feel the pain as well; that if one rejoices, we should find joy in their happiness.”
“We are all ONE, united. Love is so important for, not only for God, but for our enemies and our neighbors.”
“Jesus’ blood is stronger than any human blood. I am just as close to others as I am with my real family. Through God, they are my family. I should love others the way I love my mom, dad, and brother.”
“I loved praising the Lord with my brothers and sisters in Christ.”
“It is truly amazing how the power of the Spirit can bring us all together. I am so grateful for being able to experience this.”
“The best part of the conference was just learning more about God with many people that are different yet very close because we are brothers and sisters together, listening to the gospel.”
About Seminars ...
“The seminars helped me connect God with my daily life whether it be school or society.”
“They gave me new perspective about life outside of what I know and what I can do to carry out God’s word.”
“They encouraged me and gave me vision.”
“… inspired me to help people in the future. Not to live a life where I take care of myself and my own health. But to help others who aren’t as fortunate as I am.”
“Helped me to further think about how to use my present and future to show the love of God.”
“… we should not help others because we think we are above and more privileged than others—but help because we love them.”
“I learned that every success also comes with failure.”
“It gave me a new perspective on life, with the Lord and His plans for me.”
“These days I want to be a pastor (JDSN). I want to be there for people who are hurt and I want to teach them. I want God to heal their hurts through me. I want everyone to be love.”
“Showed how God works through real people and how He can affect us and what we can do.”
“Going into college soon, I was really challenged by the seminars to be passionate about God’s work. I’m interested in art.”
“I want to serve God through music.”
“We were able to listen to older brothers and sisters about their experiences and learn. … they’ve gone through what I’m going through so it is encouraging.”
“The seminars helped me get a better look at the working life as a Christian. They gave me a view of being able to serve God in ways outside the church at other jobs.”
“I think my perspective on others totally changed …”
“They really encouraged me to do more with what God has called me to do and to see other places in the world differently.”
“I got to learn about how God has worked in other people’s lives and my faith grew upon that.”