Our vision is to see generations of young people transformed by the gospel and living for God's glory. To this end, we recognize that New England and the churches here face unique challenges.

As a global academic and cultural hub, the Boston area attracts great minds and dynamic, world-class talent. However, for the same reason, it is one of the most transient places in the world. People from all over converge in Boston for degrees and to start careers; it is a hard-trodden path of those passing through. Many take from, but few stick around to care for and invest in New England for the long-term... to sew, nurture and harvest here.

The same transiency applies to those who come to Boston to study and prepare for ministry. The majority of Korean-American seminarians these days do not want to serve in Korean churches and those Korean international students who are willing to fill the void have difficulty connecting with the youth and American culture. But even if they did serve and wanted to continue serving their students, put down roots and grow as ministers here after seminary, Korean churches in New England are small and incapable of supporting and investing in full-time youth leaders. One way or another, even the very few who may serve youth during seminary typically leave after about 1 to 3 years.

The Korean church in New England went through a fairly rapid and sweeping change in the past couple decades. All traditional English ministries initially housed within the suburban Korean churches launched out for various reasons to establish themselves as independent churches in or closer to the city. This resulted in a widespread void across all the Korean churches where two full "generations" of English speakers once present—college students and young adults—are now missing. The youth do not have older, English-speaking brothers and sisters in the church to serve, formally or informally, as role models and teachers.

In the Korean culture that leaves the majority of youth spiritual formation up to the Christian education department, these factors have deeply and significantly impacted the youth. They automatically find themselves in Korean churches during much of their most formative years because they have to attend with their parents, but they age out of the youth group having had a revolving door of one inexperienced, temporary youth leader after another. They have not experienced spiritually formative relationships. They are "churched", but few know or are changed by the gospel and are, therefore, set on a course for college and adulthood lacking biblical knowledge and desire to love and follow Jesus. We have seen these things happen time and time again.

Since 1994, ARISE's heart has been to contextually and strategically come alongside the youth, youth leaders and churches.  We strive to raise up the next generation in the Lord by helping the youth meet and know Jesus Christ, understand His gospel of grace and start to dream about living life in many different ways as participants in God's redemptive work in the world for His glory.


To raise generations of youth transformed by the gospel and living for God's glory.


  • Serve the Youth
    Provide the youth with spiritual resources that focus on the gospel, discipleship and community, and mobilize the wider church to serve them.
  • Serve Youth Workers
    Resource, nurture, mentor and connect youth workers.
  • Serve the Local Church
    Share vision, learn from and partner with senior pastors for holistic, joint ministry in New England.
  • Research & Resource Development
    Study, watch, listen, learn, grow, teach, build relationships.

Core Values

  • The Gospel
  • Discipleship/Spiritual Formation
  • Christian Community/Spiritual Friendship
  • Love for the Korean church, its leaders and families